Can I edit/animate image from wallhaven for my Youtube channel?

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    Hi, I would like to use image from wallhaven to edit/animate for my Youtube video with the link to the original image (image source/author attribution) in the description. Does my act follow the copyright rule of the forum? Do I have to ask the author for permission before using it?

    I really appreciate your reply. Thank you

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    You can use wallpapers here for youtube and such, but just be aware a user may have uploaded them from deviantart, pixiv, artstation, or from another website. So if you don't contact the copyright holder you always run the risk of them DMCing your video for using their wall without permission. You'd have to investigate the walls in particular and see who owns the copyright and if they allow for non commercial use or not. Also we are not copyright lawyers so we do not give legal advice on this matter. This is just a recommendation of what I would probably do.