Quick Question I made a mistake

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    Hey I was just wondering how I can fix my mistake on one of my uploads? I accidently forgot to remove a little logo from the bottom left hand of a upload and it was removed. I fixed the mistake but now I can not upload it. The image in question is here https://ibb.co/BCwcjsP

    It was flagged for having a logo and being low quality resolution which it definitely isn't. I fixed the logo in the version I am trying to upload lol Sorry if this is a silly question I have been around for many years but I never uploaded before so this is all new to me. Thanks for your help everyone :)

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    Not me who deleted it, but the problem was not the logo, but the fact that it was upscaled. The mod who pointed it out said "upscaled - see logo" on the report so you could look around the logo and see the pixelation. Just a friendly reminder that high resolution does not mean the same thing as high quality.

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    It was actually downscaled using gigapixel then cropped in photoshop then ran through a AI sharpening program lol That image is anything but pixelated on my end. I'll try and view it on my wifes computer. It looks beautiful at 4k on my 43 inch LG CX10 OLED but if it is looking pixelated for you guys then I am doing something wrong to all of the images I uploaded. I need to figure out why it looks that way for you guys. Do my other uploads look pixelated?

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    Took a little bit to find I have 12 TB of images from sites lol Looking at the logo it is pixelated from the source and not representative of the actual image it is imposed upon. I never noticed because its normally cropped out or removed. I was concerned that the pixel arrangement might differ from monitor to monitor that might cause the image to be rendered differently on monitors with a BGR sub pixel layout but the image I uploaded doesn't look pixelated on any of my computers. Granted I am running a oled , a pixelart and a ultrasharp lol Probably not the best text for poor rendering and displays.