Feature Request: Updating quality of an uploaded image

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    So let's say:

    1. You uploaded an image
    2. You found a higher quality version of the same image
    3. You have a possibility to update your previously uploaded image with the new higher quality one by having a dedicated tool in the tools category (it might or might not need an approval of a staff member for it to be updated)

    A possible variation: Every user is able to request a quality update to any image on the website - it will be replaced after an approval of either the original uploader or a staff member

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    Good feature i found original source with a clean and higher resolution of images that been already uploaded but not by me

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    It's a nice idea, but with how busy AA is I'm not sure if it will be implemented anytime soon (if ever). Right now the current steps to take to upload a better version of the original would be to upload the newer version (remember source quality trumps any upscales and such you find) and report the old one as a duplicate or contact a moderator. If you can't upload the newer version due to the duplicate filter, you can contact an admin to delete the previous wall so you can upload the new one.