Your FAV videogame of all time

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    Far Cry 5

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    @CyborgSamuraiV said:

    Far Cry 5

    Why 5? (just wondering).

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    Because of it's Storyline.

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    @CyborgSamuraiV said:

    Because of it's Storyline.

    I like 2 or 3. I haven't played 5 yet.

    Added 25 seconds after

    Shin megami tensei persona 2 dilogy.

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    I like Far Cry 3 most from the series. And Far Cry Primal is one of the few games I started and didn't finish; I hated it.

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    Far Cry 3 is amazing too.

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    GTA 5 and CS:GO for me. I love car racing and figting games and often play online games here to practice my gaming skills. All games are free so I can plat new games ever single day. That's entertaining.

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