Wallpaper getting merged with lower resolution?

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    Heya fellas,

    Some of my wallpapers are getting deleted due to a duplicate posted earlier with a lower resolution. although i'm all for deleting duplicates, but shouldn't it be the other way around?

    Like the lower resolution one getting deleted, instead of the higher one.

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    This is a common misconception that higher resolution is better. The walls you are probably referring to got merged into these walls here

    1920 x 1024160
    1920 x 96696

    When it comes to wallpapers we keep the original source resolution. When you go to the source of these wallpapers you will see that the ones that your walls were merged into are the true resolution, while yours seem to be upscales. Due to issues in the past with users posting bad upscales, we've just taken the stance that the source resolution is the one that will be kept.

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    Allright, seems a bit silly if the wallpaper is actually an upscale. but i guess it's kinda hard to keep track with huge amount of wallpapers being uploaded annually.

    Thanks for the reply.