Banned For sketchy on first offence?

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    So I got banned for 2 days, I guess for this [g8e5wl]

    The reason for ban: pinups/women showing off their ass is sketchy. Read the rules and follow them all for uploading please. You've had a lot of warnings in the past."

    I've had ZERO warnings about sketchy/NSFW!
    I have had a couple of warnings for lq but that is not the same!

    I'll take the ban (it isn't a big deal to me, I can do something else for a couple of days) but it seems a bit harsh for (as far as i'm aware) a first offence.

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    The comment about warnings refers to the general "rules reread" option we have as moderators. While we verbally warn you of certain rules, you have received a rule reread on 5 previous occasions, and a temporary ban on another occasion. Just because we warn you about one specific rule does not mean the offenses do not stack if they are for different reasons. Being warned to read the rules that many times (they pop up when you try to upload a wall IIRC) means for us you most likely never actually read any of the rules that pop up when uploading and so you need a serious warning to try and correct your actions.

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    You know what? This site is getting to be too much like work.
    I've been on this site for 5 YEARS! If you don't think I know the rules by now you must be a special kind of stupid. It seems like every time someone makes a mistake (like setting a fairly mild wall to safe instead sketchy or an upload with "quality" issues) a mod gleefully jumps down their throats.

    This place used to be a nice community but now it seems like nothing but softcore porn and snarky mods on a power trip.

    I am done! Delete my account and all of my uploads since you don't seem to value my efforts.