Wallhaven.cc android app

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    I think it will be good if someone can create such app for smartphone. But before doing it I think better to read some special articles about web development at first. For example, here https://spdload.com/blog/how-to-outsource-web-development/ I read information about web development and other similar topics. Maybe in the future I will create that app.

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    Afraid I'm a tad late, don't check offtopic as often as I'd like to, but there should be multiple wallhaven apps out there for android, just search for Wallhaven on google play store and a few of them should show up.

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    it occurs to me that the chinese users' demands was ignored . sadly,we can not log into the google play website for obvious reasons. the words above is not aggressive but i just wanna say it a pity cant have an app for it because my network dies when connect to the foreign [did i spell it right,idont konw] servers but by using an app we can surly change the situation.

    is there a legal and offical chinese version of the app? ps.maybe its my personal network failure,nobody use wh among my friends 😜

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    There are no "official" wallhaven apps. Whatever is out there is community made. However you reach this site from outside the United States is up to you guys.