My Report Fail?

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    My report somehow got rejected. I wasn't sure where to post this, since there is no "help" or report section in here. I also have no way to contact anyone about my report from my notification page. Which I find odd, almost like it was a automated bot....which I find troubling. The report in question was about a image that offended me greatly and somehow according to the reply to my report it wasn't against the rules.....which I find incredibly shocking. I've been a member of this site for years ever since it migrated from Wallbase. And this is also my first post in the actual "forum" which I wasn't even aware it had until now[because I was always about the wallpaper and focused on that]

    PS. If a mod has to move it to another section, that is fine. Just let me know, that way I know where to post something like this in the future.

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    The wall in question you reported was this correct?

    1281 x 19201

    I am the one who cleared it 2 months ago. You may not like the wallpaper, but there is nothing illegal or delete worthy about wearing animal skin. Unless it goes against US law we will not delete a wallpaper like that. Trust me, there are plenty of walls I have seen that I didn't like that we have not deleted.

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    she should be naked wrapped in the fur coat on a bear skin rug while eating a steak