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    Ayo I was searching around for a specific wallpaper and someone in a forum has written to try a site which is https://4walled.cc and that site redirected here ! So wallhaven.cc was a 4chan /wg/ aggregation site and probably is still, am I right ?

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    Don't associate us with 4chan please.

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    sure the redirect bamboozled me is all. I'm trying to find good wallpaper source for my iPhone any suggestions ? 404011xz

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    If I remember correctly Wallhaven's predecessor Wallbase started out with a 4chan scraper, similar to 4walled. However that was a long time ago and since Wallhaven "inherited" many of Wallbase's users we never had to do any scraping. There are more than enough users uploading here.

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    404011xz said:


    I think my uploads are nice

    1920 x 1080789

    Yep they are.

    Gandalf so that's why wallbase.cc is dead the whole thing moved here.

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    Not quite. Wallbase died because the admin disappeared and because it died wallhaven was created to replace it.

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    I see Gandalf the Gray / White ? Wallhaven is a great place, the tagging and favorites system especially.

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    There is a site called wallhere.com where they have the exact same pics as wallhaven.

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    No, but I noticed that our accountnames are there to.

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    Where do you come from?