Toplist Beta and rules update!

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    I've cooked up a new toplist for us to enjoy here. Unlike our current toplist, this beta toplist will take a handful of new considerations into play when listing walls. I'm hoping this new toplist will better reflect what's actually popular within a time frame, rather than being limited to what was recently uploaded.

    Check out the Toplist Beta now!

    It will take about a full day for it to be reasonably populated, and a full year to fully normalize, but I'm hoping it will be much more dynamic than our current one!

    This update also brings some updates to our upload rules. Everyone will be required to give them another read before uploading again. Make sure to check the details of each rule that has additional info.

    The API also has a new endpoint: User collections! Check out the API documentation for details.

    Hope you all enjoy the update! Let me know what you think of the new Toplist too!

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    Yay thanks AksumkA! Could you please add some button for new toplist so we could use it without typing\bookmarking the URL? nevermind, it's an option in drop-list, im slowpoke

    will take a handful of new considerations into play

    any insights of how it works?

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    Thanks, great update! The new toplist is interesting indeed; I can clearly see different things and discover new stuff that isn't on the classic toplist.

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    The new top list will be interesting! And happy to see the user collection endpoint!! Thanks a lot.

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    Hi. Thank you for the update! When you wanting via API get listing of wallpapers from specific collection, you always need to add USERNAME to the path and here is some unexpected behaviour. I want get listing from my private collection and except API key, i also need request username from user. But why i need it if i already have api key? I store api key in settings, and i don't want to bother user, who enter api key, to need insert his username too, to retrive collections. May be setting request -<KEY> would give you some string with username? Or retriving list with collections -<KEY> except data give you information about user?

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    r3r This is by design. I didn't want collections to be easily found by mistake.

    Everyone else: I pushed another small update to the toplist beta. Walls should start shifting around at lot more now. Expect more tweaking as time goes on.