I am new here and cannot change my profile background

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    Hello, guys~ I have to say I don't know how to change my profile background.

    I guess that it is linked with wallpaperID or something in the settings but I don't know how to upload my pic and update it.

    If anyone knows how to change the background, just let me know and it will be really helpful :)

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    Go to the settings and select profile. In the profile background area there is a box where you can input the wallpaper ID. This can be found to the left of a wallpaper's page in the thumbnail section. instead of putting in the brackets though ] [ You want to put in just the alpha-numeric "ID" that is in the brackets. My example is that I use wallpaper ID 4oo5el as my background.

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    Go back profile, there is a pencil mark on the top right; click. ''Profile Background'' will appear. Write the ID of the selected picture there.

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    Thanks, I successfully changed the background. :)