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    Hi!! I've been here on this site for a long time, i have been downloading wallpapers i like most but never taught about uploading. I've seen users here uploading hundreds of wallpapers daily, so i wanted to upload too but i didn't knew how until now. So i read the rules about uploading carefully and learned some things about tagging, and i created this new account to start uploading some stuff i like. So i really hope that you like my uploads, i really like wallhaven and i love to collect and upload wallpapers here. So Let's Start!! and Thank you WallHaven!!

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    Hello, I'm a junior high school student from China. So I hope we can communicate harmoniously. By the way, I'm only 14 years old, so there may be mistakes in grammar. Please forgive me I was recommended from one of China's hottest video websites, like YouTube. To my surprise, I didn't need VPN to access it. I registered my account just yesterday I have thousands of good wallpapers to upload, but I need a month to learn about labeling and grading. Then again, I usually do some videos on video websites, such as music, game live and learning. Although I didn't get a lot of playback, I'm also happy Finally, nice to meet you

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    Hi everyone, it's been a week since I signed up for an account. Thank you to WallHeaven for providing a platform for the world to see the best images in everyone's heart

    As a high school student, I also need to expand my vision and connect myself with the world all the time. I hope to meet some friends with the same hobbies and similar age

    This should be a more popular post, I hope interested friends can chat with me

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    hi, I am Adah,,,comes here for wallpapers, I really likes this site and its collections.

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    Hi. I'm from Ukraine and my life seems to be getting better. I smoke nicotine pipe, drink schweppes and feel pretty good. Going out for a beer tomorrow. It's magical.

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    Hi, I'm Lisa and I turned 20 today. Yay.

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    I'm here to find a type of anime I found here long time ago. I forgot its name so I also made a thread for it.

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    Hello, I've been a lurker around for some time and I've finally decided to contribute. Still, most of my current WP folder comes from here.

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    I'm feel so good in here

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    Hello, I have come to Wuhan, China. I am a graphic designer. I came in from a guide page integrated by a domestic website. I hope I can see more real pictures of foreign cultural landscapes

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    Hello all! There aint much to say about me but here goes....

    I love anime and rpg games I love Sam and Colby and Paranormal/Supernatural things!! I am a HUGE horror fan and I love to investigate spooky things! I love friends and like to be crazy Hope we get along and can be friends!

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    Hello everyone here! I am a senior high school student from Shanghai and I am now 18 years old. I first came here about four years ago, and I just happened to dicover 'the forum'. :P I can still remember that it was a video in Bilibili that introduced me to Wallhaven, and that was where the story started. I was watching the animation series Uma Musume: Pretty Derby then and I really got a good many wallpapers about that here, thanks to a lot of uploaders. Time flied and Wallhaven has witnessed an increase in clicks and views during the period of lockdowns, when many of us tried figuring out a new meaning of our life on the Internet and met with great passion and enthusiasm. Honestly I am very thankful to Wallhaven for providing a platform to share quality pictures and a good, friendly atmosphere, and more importantly, creating a bond between us for we are all art lovers. As the College Entrance Examination is around the corner, I‘m going to put aside the diversions and to work harder. I hope to meet you, everyone of you, here in July. And I wish all of you a good time here at!

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    Hi everyone, my name is Costa. I've been using Wallhaven for a long time, and just now decided to join the forum.

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    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas. I usually visit once a month because I like to customize my desktop and change wallpapers. Been here since days of wallbase, I'm so glad wallhaven exists. Great aesthetic and great site.

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    I am.....idk... I just want some good wallpapers and be in a community. Hope we can get along well.

    (Feels like a class introduction.)