App for Creating Multi Monitor Wallpapers

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    I just wanted you guys to know, that I wrote an app that allows you to create big multi monitor spanning wallpapers on the fly with live feedback.

    You can check it out at

    I put a lot of work into supporting the Wallhaven API (IMHO the best source for wallpapers).

    Even if this is my first post, please do not consider this spam. I'm a wallpaper aficionado as all of you, otherwise I would not have put that much work into the app :)

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    I bet you could easily port it to Linux, too

    (or open the source)

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    Well, I chose WPF, this this is not available on Linux. I have a good view/model separation - which means if I reimplement the UI with gtk# or Avalonia it should work. The base image processing is cross platform.

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    WpF works fine.

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