another deleted because lq quality thread

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    would be nice, if an admin could clarify something for me :) it's more or less ok, to delete the wallpapers I uploaded some days ago, but what I didn't understand why are they deleted after 2 days and hundreds of views and dozens of favorites? If a wallpaper is "bad quality" then I would assume noone would add it to they favorites? other uploaded wallpapers from me were marked after some minutes

    and wheres the difference between and ? Left down corner is as blurry as the background from my uploaded wallpaper.

    thanks in advance

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    That's why I suggested a "mark as LQ" option, which users could use to view those wallpapers or not through a toggle option. People have very different ideas on what constitutes good quality.

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    derday: Three deleted wallpapers: 'No low-quality edits (rotated, mirrored or picture-in-picture images, cobbled together collages).' Views, favorites or time doesn't matter if a wallpaper is low quality. It could be deleted after 5 years or 5 minutes after upload. Your comparison: you are right, wallpaper deleted. Next time would be better to report it as low quality. Thanx

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    Got all my pics deleted to, I don't, or well didn't know they were low quality images. I thought they were fine, and looked nice. Anyone know how to delete their own account?