[Bug] This tag has been deleted and can not be created again!

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    A few tags (e.g. landscape) returns with this error message, though they exists, appear up in the dropdown list and fresh uploads can be tagged with them (i mean these tags work fine in the upload section with pictures, that haven't been published yet).

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    Confirmed and fixed.

    There may be a few outlier tags our there that could still be affected by this, so let me know if any more crop up.

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    baskets park Additionally, chocolate sauce is a created tag but when I try to use it I get a message asking how I want to create it.

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    Another fix: When a merged tag is detected, rather than get the 'tag deleted' message, the non-merged tag will be used instead.

    For example: #cat was merged into cats. If you try and add 'cat,' cats will be added instead.

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    SuRu (This tag has been deleted and can not be created again!)

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    The tag John William Godward is one of those tags marked as being previously deleted but there is some of his paintings marked as the wrong creator and cannot be created again.