Cross referencing old numerical IDs with the new-style hashes?

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    Hi everyone,

    First of all, well done on the successful upgrade. I know it's been a long time coming.

    Since joining this board back in its Alpha days, I've collected over a thousand wallpapers that my OS cycles through on a random basis. Quite often, I do find myself looking up old wallpapers I've saved previously to see who the uploader was or remind myself who or what the subject of the wallpaper is from their tags. That was simple enough to do when I could rely on the wallpaper's numerical based filename to determine its URL.

    For example, on the old site, I could easily look up the metadata for wallhaven-775318.jpg by going to

    Would it be possible for you to generate 301 redirects so that our old alpha links still work? e.g. =>

    Doing this would also have the added benefit of ensuring that the upgraded site does not take a massive hit in SEO rankings.

    If that's not feasible, then is there any way for us as users to translate an old ID "775318" to its new hash/ID of "dgegxl" ourselves?

    Thanks, Netsnipe

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    I second this.

    I have categorized thousands of wallpapers according to numerical name. Now I cannot cross reference any of my existing wallpapers to new wallpapers on the site.

    Thanks Tazzmanian

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    HI all, AksumkA thanks for a great job!

    I have the same problem, maybe exist some algorithm to convert an old ID to a new ID? or in another way, from new to old?


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    I end up needing this more often than not. I'm currently moving my offline wallpaper collection to Wallhaven collections to spare disk space and I can't find some more generic wallpapers I had from before.

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    Even if you don't want to expose this publicly because you're afraid of bots and scrappers smashing this website again, then might I suggest making such a lookup function only available via the API to people who created their accounts and/or uploaded content during the alpha?

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    I really find the need for the old numbering system. When saving several wallpapers from a specific set or sequence the current numbering system throws them all over the show within a folder