Alpha _Will_ End This Weekend

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    Feeling like I'm at a good enough spot to kill this thing.

    I'll probably disable uploads in the next day or so to make my life a little easier with the migration.

    Make sure to read the other post about the alpha ending. A lot of stuff will end up getting deleted and changed. This update will cause a lot of tears for sure...

    Totally going to be flying this migration by the seat of my pants, so expect a few days of downtime! It's time again for a new server, so I'll have to migrate all this data over, go through some upgrade scripts, etc.

    Looking forward to breaking the shit outta this site for a few days 😘

    Hope to see you all again on the other side. 💖

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    Where else can I find this website after that? Please tell me.

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    Nice! Glad to hear the Alpha is ending. Good work guys, it's been a long long road, but a worthwhile one.

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    yezongjun said:

    Where else can I find this website after that? Please tell me.

    [url][/url] I believe.

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    Do I have to save all my Favorit Images locally or will they migrate also? Or will there be a wipe in any way?

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    Why will there bee tears? Are you going into hiding? Will I ever see you again!?

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    I'd like to know if this change would make my 'favorites' gone? I don't want to lost it so I appreciate if anyone could tell me if I should be worried. Thanks

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    Shinigami92, tanZk, FlamingTacoDick

    There is a chance something you've added to your favorites will be removed. I'll be clearing the backlog of reported walls for low quality and dupes, so these 20k walls will go bye bye.

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    Outstanding! I can't wait to see this site really come into its own and exit the years-long Alpha phase. Site is worthy. Great work, admin! Congrats!

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    People dont download their favourites? It doesnt really take that much room.

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    I have 11GB of favorite wallpapers saved on disk i am still missing some. Owner and admins good luck with migration. I love your site and work. :)

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    Did anyone see my celebration comment? It must be somewhere over here...

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    oh heck, I cant actually believe it :o

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    Uploading has been disabled!

    I'm starting the migrations shortly. Uploading will be disabled until we're live again.