Thanks for more than 200 stars.

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    Good afternoon to all, I sincerely want to thank those people for giving Stars to the photo that I published of Helga Lovekaty, sincerely I did not think that I was going to have more than 200 stars and I believe that this truly is a Record in obtaining more than 200 stars in less than three days. Again, I thank all those people for giving so many stars to the Wallpaper, have a nice day.

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    I don't want to disappoint you but your upload was merged with an old upload and all it's favs have been moved into your upload...

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    I sorry to be that guy but I'll have to reverse this. The earlier upload has a slightly lower resolution but it has a lot more detail. It seems like @bramerband's upload was treated with a fairly aggressive denoising filter which has smudged up most of the image.