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    I've been wondering about those "wallpapers" as well. If I interpret the symbolism correctly the criticism here is that the EU is supposedly on its way towards a communist state while killing the member states' individuality. That's just a guess though, I think it's really rather vague, which is most likely the whole point.

    I do wish people would keep this pseudo political bullshit of our site, thought, it's really not much of a wallpaper. Instead we get tons of reports from people who find the vague non-message discomforting.

    As for the reason why it's tagged #{Russian propaganda} look at CaptainFSU's comment on the uploader's profile:

    Why do I get the feeling that these wallpapers were put out by Russian Military Intelligence in order to undermine European solidarity? ????????????

    While I do find the assumption that russian military intelligence would consider wallhaven important enough to use it as a platform for undermining the EU quite flattering it is obviously a rather childish assumption.

    They've also been tagged fake quote which I have no idea if it is accurate.

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    It's not pseudo-political nonsense or an assumption when the person (me) making the comment has a M.A in Global Studies... Having an degree in Global Studies kind of makes me the authority on the matter. Furthermore, it's rather naive to think that Russian interests don't have their fingers all over the internet.







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    It would be a rare day on the Internet if someone didn't come along and claim to be a certified expert on a random subject in order to strengthen their position. Nor would it be the first degree in the history of academics that is complete and utter bullshit.

    I don't know you or your degree and frankly could not care less. I have little doubt that Russian intelligence is digging into and manipulating all kinds of politically relevant infrastructures around the world, just like every other major county's intelligence. However the assumption that wallhaven is even the least bit relevant in that regard is so ridiculous that sticking to that conviction only undermines your credibility.

    As for the uploads in question, they were just a few of a number of uploads from a series of troll accounts. This is the Internet, after all. When something "suspicious" happens, 99% of the time it's some bored dickhead having a laugh. In this particular case they were actually even more obsessed with the new Star Wars movies having a female lead.

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    Wallhaven's official stance on what qualifies as propaganda or extremism is in hard contradiction to the mod's enforcement behavior. They seem to protect and harbor wallpapers from certain extremist ideologies and brutally persecute others, even if posted in an obviously satirical fashion.

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    brutally persecute

    Holy shit, how close was I to kick on my door at 5 AM with my removed wallpapers?

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    Wurmfleisch You'll need to be a lot less vague before I can give any kind of meaningful reply to that.