is a met-art model a "pornstar" or a "model" ? (no direct pictures in thread but NSFW)

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    hi I just created a tag #

    1920 x 10809
    I put it under people/models cause it seemed fitting to me but it got me wondering if it should be model or pornstar [url][/url]

    As far as I know, she didn't do full on hardcore actions, so for me she's more of a model (as in poses for a photographer, even nude) instead of a pornstar (has sex with people for a photographer / camera crew)

    tell me your thoughts/ correct the tag (if you're a moderator and the rule is already black & white) Thanks.

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    We don't have a definitive guideline for that, it's more of a case-to-case decision. After all there should be plenty of people who fit in both categories.

    You could also argue that the distinction should be mostly about the medium. Pornstars are actors, i.e. they star in movies, models pose for photo shoots. But once again most of them do it both ways (teehee) so just go with what you feel is right.