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    Not on this site.Billions of sites all over the web are full of porn just to wait for your visit :)

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    kejsirajbek said:

    Billions of sites all over the web are full of porn just to wait for your visit :)

    actually, no. there are 1 billion+ websites in the world, even if ALL of them were for porn, you can't say 'billions'. because 'billions' mean 'from two'. like 'at lest two or more'. but i think porn is about a half of that amount, so you should say 'millions'. okay?

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    @dwemer: I've read in unknown newspapers that a group of unknown scientists found out that there a 100.000billion sites :p

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    Actually I can have porn. I can have Billions of Porn and Porn and Porn. If you could put every porn-Pic from the internet side by side you could walk from City of Hackensack right to Mount Olympus on Mars.

    But you could have NO Porn here. You could have Porn Downtown, Uptown, at the local Video-Store, in your Room, your cellar, on TV, practically everywhere!

    But: NO Porn do you find here!

    PS.: Porn!

    Is anybody else tired of the....Ähem...Porn ?

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    kejsirajbek said:


    100.000 billion is 100 trillion

    Added 2017-01-14 06:37:14

    how could it be 100 trillion websites if there are only 7 million people on earth???

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    7.5 Billion People roam this Earth. And don't forget there are countless companies who have websites...even some Zoo-Polarbears have a Website this day..

    Would there only 7 Million of us need to go to work next week. But, no one would or could ever read what i am writing here......we would be out in the wasteland to hunt some food. :-)

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    I'll just leave this here:

    [url][/url] [url][/url] aand.. [url][/url] (old article tho)

    And honestly, we already have a lot of "porn". At least sixty-five thousand "wallpapers" are NSFW. I know there's more, I just didn't feel like removing all my blacklist entries to check. Anyway, I'm sure an admin will come around and oblige me with site stats.

    Inb4 somebody says I'm fun at parties. <3 ;)

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    ok i understand i will not ask again i will just look at the naked ladies. its just this is the only site my wife will let me look at that has nude

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    So if you have a wife, why the hell do you need porn?